Reality Check from an Experienced Husband

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  10. I am a romantic and I would also tell people to look for love first. Then look to see if they have the other qualities that you need. I am not sure if love alone should be the only thing single people look for. I think if you know you want and need a dominant man you should find out if the person meets this quality that you need. If not I think that it may be difficult to have a good lasting marriage. It just seems all too often that people come to this site wanting a husband or wife to be more dominant or submissive and it is just not in their natures. How do you last after you know the person you are married to will never be able to meet your needs? Even if you love them, it may not be enough to sustain you through a marriage.
  12. But then again if I lost my submissiveness or he lost his dominance maybe we would simple find a new way to relate. Maybe love would hold us together. It is just hard for me to fathom it.
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  18. The priority...
  19. I have often questioned if love would be enough to hold us together. I know it was the initial connection. It was the first realization that I wanted, needed to continue to go forward and for the first time, to look really deeply into who I was, who I am.
  21. Gary probed and discovered my needs. And refined them until I could no longer deny them, my submissiveness. His dominance. And he took his time to cement these roles, these natural roles we each had and complimented the other with. Now, saying that, we do have bumps. But never once have I questioned my love of him. In this big world, the one fact I know I can rely on bar none, is that Gary loves me. He will care for, attend and nurture me with all the gentleness and love one man could possibly have.

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