Why being yourself is a good thing!

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  11. by submissivewife25 on 2005 Oct 2 - 16:21 | reply to this comment
  12. I can't curb my enthusiasm
  13. I like a slight amount of fear and when I can't find the man who can cause it I will actively seek it out where I know for certain I will find what I need.
  15. No, I'm not for the battered woman syndrome myself and that is not what I mean. I would leave in that type of situation anyway. It's difficult to put into words but anyway I found him and I'm EXTREMELY happy.
  17. He makes my heart beat faster.
  19. In her article Who says you have to be submissive? Sarah said that she is more drawn to the idea of a D/d (dominant-dominant) relationship than to a D/s (dominant-submissive) one. She argued that wanting a dominant man does not necessarily mean having to suppress any dominant tendencies you may have.
  21. I mean by “persona” a set of habitual patterns of behavior (where others would call it “personality” – but we all have more than one persona). We all have dominant and submissive personas to use when appropriate, whatever our primary persona.
  23. But we also have an emotional core (sub-conscious) that produces our emotions. And the emotional core qualities (while fixed in each person) can be anywhere from strong dominant thru almost neutral to strong submissive. And there usually is tension between our persona traits and our emotional core qualities.

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