Relationships Misunderstandings

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  10. It just means that I need a man who enjoys using his masculine strength to overpower me, and I enjoy being overpowered, and so that happens on a regular basis in order to keep the erotic heat and desire alive in the relationship. But when it comes to settling issues like "where are we going to get the money to fix the roof and also pay for college tuition?" - then resorting to physical coercion is probably not the best strategy. But there are other, less urgent, matters in which I would welcome a man being somewhat domineering, or even engaging in a bit of harmless bullying.
  12. As regards religion, and why this website (and the "Taken In Hand" concept) is not about religion, or about what 'God' says, I think there are some obvious questions to raise: "Which religion? Which God? Which sacred scripture?" We don't all follow the same religion or the same gods, obviously. Sarah alluded to this by saying that people of various religions can take part in a Taken In Hand type of relationship. I mentioned in a post on another forum topic that I'm a pagan myself - specifically, a Wiccan - and for me that is definitely relevant to my ideas about an ideal relationship between the masculine and the feminine. But someone from another religion will make those connections in very different ways, obviously. Spirituality and sexuality are deeply intertwined for many of us; but not in the same ways at all. But then, it's our differences that keep the discussion topics lively, eh?
  14. - Dee
  16. You are so right, Dee, about the way that people use language. I was in a newsgroup discussion some months ago and mentioned that I was sexually submissive. One person took this to mean that I was passive and non-responsive during sex. Of course, this was not what I meant at all.
  18. There’s no doubt that technology has brought so much to our life. Technology has brought with it some good things when it comes to dating and finding love, but in other ways I think it’s also hindered the process and has made things more confusing than in the past.
  20. 1.If you’re trying to keep your past out of your new relationship or if you’re not ready to share that you’re seeing someone new, it’s harder to keep private. You could experience the other person changing their relationship status before you’re ready.
  21. 2. You can’t vent about a bad date or a weird person you met because you will likely be found out if you vent online. Everything is so public now.
  22. 3. Now with technology’s assistance, you can find people from all over the world. It’s tempting to keep looking for the next best thing so it can be harder to settle. The only thing you should do is just to visit all those dating sites or connecting with socials media…
  23. 4. Also so many people pre-screen before their first date. That means they’re Googling you, Facebooking, and creeping your Instagram feed. They will already know where you went to school, if you have common friends, where you grew up, and even your favorite TV shows.

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