Top 5 Challenges of Dating Single American Men and

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  14. What sucks so much is that most of the people find it impossible to buy into the idea that when you do date, you DO make the assumption that one person is superior/inferior to another, and that is particularly what happens when it comes to race. You are implying that one race is superior than the other. And yes, white people do tend to be far more susceptible to buying into these ideas of race because
  15. 1. They’re often in racially segregated environments
  16. 2. They’re the ones that run the media
  17. 3. They’re often indoctrinated from an early age in either colorblindness or that people of color behave in a certain way, and then try to use confirmation biases to back that up.
  19. So, white people, no one cares if you’re offended because you have been called a racist or because someone insinuated that they way you behave and think is hardwired in racism. It’s a hell of a lot better than being told that you’re ‘less than’ and having to adjust because of the color of your skin. And it’s not a few thinking that “Oh, I won’t date her because her skin is dark” because if it were only a few, these statistics would be much more easily distributed. I’ve always found that liberal white men are more open to dating other races BUT black, and still hold the ideas of their conservative parents/grandparents in regards to race.
  21. ALSO WHITE PEOPLE – when a non-white person calls you out on racist behavior, shut up. They’re not being racist by telling you that you’re full of crap – they’re merely telling you that you’re full of crap.
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