Navigating BBW Dating in the Modern World

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  10. I used to think that I would want to get married again and be a part of a bustling energetic family, but after a few relationships gone south, I am not in any hurry at this point. I am resigned to following my bliss and expect to be pleasantly surprised if I find someone that is on the same journeys as I. It definitely seems that it is better that way than trying to force something together.
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  14. 12ClaudiaS February 29, 2008 at 11:05 pm
  15. Does anyone on this site have the issue of contemplating whether to tell the father of the baby that you are expecting? I am in that situation right now and am torn whether to tell him.
  16. In the end this is a very selfish society, mostly men’s selfishness and no consideration for any feelings of anyone. Very Controlling, but if i do tell the father , it will be me controlling the situation . His excuse for not being with me, dating, bars, meeting friends and family has been that he has to take care of things such as college and his new career. So I would be causing him more stress and things to worry about. Or would I? Would he be so selfish that he as some men never contact me nor the child? Should I care what he thinks?
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  20. 13mssinglemama March 1, 2008 at 1:09 am
  21. To everyone! What fantastic comments…I haven’t checked in on this post for a while…and I am just so thrilled with all of these amazing comments. We really do have our heads on straight … more so than so many of those single childless people… or the weird married people. : )

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