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  18. My favourite film with a Taken In Hand theme is 'Forsaking All Others' with Clark Gable and Joan Crawford. Unlike many films where the heroine gets spanked by the hero, there is genuine warmth and humour between the characters, and they actually seem to like each other, even though they don't sort out their emotional entanglement until the end of the film. I don't like films where the heroine is bullied by the hero, but Forsaking All Others is not one of those, in this film Clark Gable really does love Joan Crawford more than he loves himself.
  20. In The King and I, the King says that his philosphy is that a woman should only have one man, but that a man should be able to flit from woman to woman. That is not how a Taken In Hand relationship is supposed to be. A Taken In Hand relationship is monogamous. Also, as I recall it, in the film the woman is decidedly unimpressed by his philosophy! I didn't find The King and I a turn-on at all, but then I don't fancy Yul Brynner. The King and I has always struck me as being about as un-Taken In Hand as you can get. It's a film about a strong, determined woman getting her way with an obstinate, opinionated man. She runs rings around him in the end. There's nothing even slightly Taken In Hand about it that I can see.
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  23. Hollywood and Taken In Hand
  24. I didn't remember that line in the Ten Commandments; I thought that came from The King and I. I really can't recall a line from The Ten Commandments about marriage anymore. So if you would perhaps share it? I think a lot of women haven't even seen the film and it hardly gives away the plot. I mean, if you know the Bible, you know the plot!
  26. TV shows like Lucy, Jeannie and Bewitched actually showed the beginnings of a pervasive malaise with the assumption that women were to be taken in hand. For all her apparent subservience, Jeannie is always causing some sort of trouble. Samantha struggles to hide her power (in which she greatly exceeds her husband) but her true nature and strength keep on breaking through the little housewife facade. And Lucy, of course, was forever going her own way, no matter what Ricky said or did, including spankings.

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