Canadian Dating Ads

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  10. Ladies, heed: once you get bumped off the “marriageable” list, it’s awfully hard to get back on without getting a new social group or moving cities.
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  12. Susan,
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  14. “This suggests that agreeableness in women is an evolutionary adaptation for successful mating.”
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  16. One possible interpretation is that agreeableness signals a man will be welcomed into the woman’s social group, and not punished or killed for hitting on the wrong tribe’s women.
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  18. “As fewer women strive to be agreeable, or even value that quality, those who are agreeable should clean up, at least in theory (and keeping in mind that men are visual, not just looking for “nice”).”
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  20. Again, the problem with today’s squishy feminism is that it teaches anti-masculine paranoia, aka “don’t take any shit from a man.” Most of these pissed-off women could get 90% of what they want if they smiled and asked nicely.
  21. Badger´s last [type] ..Ladder Theory For Men
  23.  19 Rae June 4, 2011 at 12:13 am
  24. They don’t really prove very much, but a statistically significant pattern has emerged, and I find it enjoyable to puzzle it out. That’s why I specifically said I was thinking out loud – this post was more of an exploration of some ideas that seem to make sense on the surface. As always, more research is needed.
  26. Thinking out loud is great, but I’m not sure why you believe there’s any any signal amid all that noise (excluding signal about the biases of reporters and researchers). What’s needed is not just more research, but decent research, and decent reporting on that research. Garbage in; garbage out. Quantity of garbage in doesn’t really change the basic equation.
  28. I have university library access, and could try to dig up the actual journal article and email it to you, if I could find anything resembling a citation. For all I can tell, though, there may not even be a journal article.
  30. Also: has a statistically significant pattern emerged? I don’t believe I’ve seen any p values, much less an argument that the pattern is meaningful as well as “significant” in the technical sense.
  32. I will say that many of the studies that test theories of evo psych are dismissed as shoddy, junk science, etc. by critics. But the researchers that conduct many of them are some of the most respected academics in the country – although this study was not U.S. based.
  34. I don’t care whether people respect them; I care whether their research is any good. Unfortunately, those things can and do come apart.

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