Confidence is sexy and hard to resist

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  10. And, like you, I am vulnerable and very hurt by the disapproval from my friends - so I don't talk about this subject at all to them...
  12. Vennias
  13. "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work - I want to achieve it by not dying." - Woody Allen
  15. I hope you are not suggesting that Stephen is taking his wife for granted because he instigated, or was the first to bring up, a Taken in Hand relationship. I know of many healthy Taken in Hand relationships that were discussed first by the husband and accepted by the wife. For some women it would be very sexy if their husbands were the first to bring it up. For them the man having the courage to bring up the subject may be part of the leadership they are looking for. I think either party can bring it up. Obviously by your comment it would not have been alright for you, but that does not mean that every man who does introduce his wife to the idea of the man being in control would then take that precious gift of submission for granted. The converse of that of course is that not every man who's wife offers submission treats that submission with the respect it deserves.
  17. The control dynamics in a relationship can make or break that relationship for some people. I think it is fair if you understand this about yourself that you bring it up fairly early in the relationship and end the relationship if you are not happy with the response you get. For some being submissive or dominant is not just a spanking game that they can take or leave. For some it is an extremely important part of who they define themselves as, and who they look for in a partner. It is how they interact with each other every minute of every day. It is how they connect and communicate with love and harmony. You make it seem like it is a small little thing that can and should be overlooked. If it is that way for you that is great. For some folks it is not a small thing at all. Doesn't every person get to decide for themselves what makes a good lifelong relationship and what does not?
  19. Take care,
  20. Tevemer
  22. by Tevemer on 2005 Jan 27 - 22:16 | reply to this comment
  23. Don't rule out the man who hasn't brought it up
  24. I didn't actually say i thought it wasn't all right for the man to bring it up, just that this woman shouldn't rule out a man who doesn't bring it up, because it may just not have occured to him. And that doesn't mean he's not willing to give it a try. After all, most normal men in this day and age do not just assume that they can take a dominant role in a relationship, for some it may just never have occured as a possibility, doesn't mean they can't do it. And if the suggestion hasn't come from the man, that also means that if for any reason it turns out not to work, there isn't likely to be too much difficulty in dropping the idea.

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