Going back to online dating

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  12. After 22 years of marriage, my husband adores me
  13. After twenty-two years of marriage, I still adore being with my husband and he with me. We experience a kind of mourning when he leaves each day for work and cherish every minute of our weekends together. This has been true for most of our lives together, but since beginning a Taken In Hand relationship, the intimacy is greater still. He has always loved me deeply, but now he seems to absolutely ADORE me--and I him. It's funny. I just wrote on another post about having to spend several hundred dollars for a sitter for four days--but it is SO worth it! Even though we're going to see family, I am still excited about being by his side in the car for ten hours and just talking and holding hands.
  14. It is interesting that Stephen and his wife have been together seven years. I remember the seventh year as being one of the most difficult years of our marriage. We were new parents and I had no notion of how to be a submissive wife. We traded that demanding baby back and forth like a hot potato and built up resentment and anger toward each other. Although I've never been one for regret, I sometimes do long to go back and start over my marriage knowing what I know now! Charlotte
  15. by Charlotte on 2005 Feb 16 - 19:51 | reply to this comment
  16. Going back in time
  17. We`ve also been married for 22 years and I`ve had the same thoughts many times, that I would like to go back in time so we could live our lives the way we do now. However, I'm glad that things have changed because for many couples it never changes and they either stay together and are unhappy for the rest of their lifes or they end up getting a divorce.
  18. When I watch my friends and how disrespectful they talk to their husbands and then complain about what whimps they're married to I'm so happy that I've changed and that my husband had enough willpower to do this with me. Those men just gave up and their women don't let them be real men and then turn around and complain about it.
  19. by Autumn on 2005 Feb 18 - 07:30 | reply to this comment

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