becoming more submissive

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  9. by Louise C on 2004 Aug 5 - 18:27 | reply to this comment
  10. A strong willed Submissive woman
  11. Hi Catriona,
  13. I want to share a little about our relationship. We have been married for many years. Through it all I have been the controlling person, I am a very opinionated woman and very strong willed .I Am not a doormat!! After finding this site something just spoke to me.
  14. So I shared this with my husband and I told him that I want to change.
  16. I will always have my individual personality because that is a part of who I am. This site does not not talk about a woman giving up herself as to who she is or what she believe in it is not about that. I have found that it enhances who I am and is helping me to become the Best person I can be.
  18. My husband is a wonderful , sensitive and loving man. Just this morning I watched him as he walked to the car to go to work (I am on vacation). I feel so loved it is incredible! I love him more than life itself.
  20. We walk every morning and as we were walking back something came up in our conversation and I made some stupid comment.
  21. Anyway my husband looked at me and said "Ya know I think you need
  22. an attitiude check". The morning was too rushed so he informed me that we have a meeting tonight. SO... Anyway I want you to know that since he has taken control of certain ways with me that our relationship is flourishing, I feel taken care of and not exposed to the elements to the outside world! I don't have to solve all of the worlds problems myself.

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