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  1. Do you know about the alt text for images? And do you know the benefits of ALT text for images? Well, Alt text is the option to promote your images over Google. There are so many benefits when you put Alt text for images. Your image will grow over Google when you use alt text in images. So, if you promote your business or services, you can use alt text for images.
  3. Generally, Alt text will help to increase your visibility over Google to promote your business through SERP. You can find any services or images in Google by clicking on the image option. And you can also promote your business with the help of images. In that case, you need to use alt text and description of your image that help to boost your Images on the Google search engine.
  4. We use images for various services like social media platforms, websites, posting over Facebook walls and many other ways. Social media platform requires a profile picture & the other name is Display Picture (DP). Without DP, the account looks like a dummy account. Having a profile picture on your social media ha is essential. Keep a profile picture on social media handles and your all-public profiles.
  6. For social: Your name letter DP, like A name DP for social media profiles or Stylish DP for Girls. Some website provides pictures to download such as a-name-dp & you can use these images for social media platform & rank the website on Google SERP and use Alt Text for Images.What is Alt Text for Images –
  7. Suppose you are a website owner & would like to rank the website on Google SERP. So, we need to do some SEO practice for good results, and Alt Text for Images is one part of on-page SEO. When we talk about the Google SERP, there are many ways to promote your business text, image, and video formats. So, you can use it to put Alt text for images to promote your business with images.
  8. Websites have different types, such as Blogs, WooCommerce & many other styles, and the Alt text is generally used for blog websites where the images are the content. Alt text for images is one kind of tag of the image, which helps crawl & improve search results of your image.
  10. Importance Of Alt Text for Images –
  12. The main reasons for using Alt text are Traffic & a better user experience. When starting a blog website, you should keep the keywords in mind. Those keywords help you to get image traffic on your website. You need to add alt text for images to promote your images. You can also use title on your images. According to Google, you need to define your image as what it is. So, in Alt text for images will allow you to add another target keyword to get more attention from Google crawlers. Additionally, it will give the users a relevancy of the search result, and Google might show your image on the top did a good on page & off page. But it would help to have the search keyword in your alt text You can understand it in a few words; if you are working on image SEO, you should remember that Google & other search engines use alt-text attributes to understand the image and enhance its ranking.
  13. How to Add Alt Text for Images –
  15. When discussing the alt text, you should have your site, and each site has different options to add alt text for images. If you have your site in WordPress, adding an Alt Text to the images is a straightforward part. You can find that option easily for WordPress, but in HTML or another platform, you need to write the code.
  16. For most of the platforms, it is the same process to use Alt text. For example, if an image is uploaded to WordPress & in image settings, you will have an Alt text or Alternative Text option. Your Alt text should be relevant and have short keywords for good results. And your keywords should be related with your images. Can say, you need to define your images with the help of alt text.
  18. What is Good Alt Text –
  20. Here are some examples of good & bad Alt text.
  21. Bad Alt text: <img scr = “screenshot.jpg” alt = “Monitor Lizards” >
  22. Good Alt text: <img scr = “screensot.jpg” alt = “Hugging Monitor Lizards”>
  24. Bad Alt text: <img scr = “screenshot.jpg” alt = “Exercise” >
  25. Good Alt text: <img scr = “screensot.jpg” alt = “Lady Skipping in Exercise”>
  27. You can see the difference between both good & bad alt text. One is detailed & has keywords as compared to the other. So, your alt text should be detailed & include keywords. You can identify with the image by using the alt text. You can say the keywords of the image to promote your business.
  28. Another Critical Point Should Be Remembered –
  30. Your Alt text for images should be at most 125 characters. Because most of the readers used to read the text to 125 characters, try to finish your alt text before the limit to get more enhancement.
  32. Make sure to use the target keywords in the alt. Using keywords in the alt is very important and relevant to the image. So it will not distract the users & search engines as well; choose your keyword wisely & after research.
  34. Ignore the “image of” and “Picture of” words in Alt text because you already add alt tags to an image. It will acquire your text limit and be penalized from the Google end for distractions.
  36. Avoid keyword Stuffing – Keyword stuffing for any article or keyword is not good in an SEO scenario. It will have a negative role on your website.
  38. Alt text keywords should describe the image. Alt text is not about the keyword, but you should tell the image with keywords in 125 characters.
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