Fair enough, i withdraw my smartass remark

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  11. Are we really saying that some women who hook up and have casual sex are just on autopilot and allow men to have their way with them and they put no thought or decisionmaking or executive function into it whatsoever? I don’t buy it.
  13. Emileigh’s story is not indicative of habituation or dysfunction. It is a series of poor choices — nothing more, nothing less. The fact that her behavior might follow a common pattern does not mean it’s a habit and occurs with no thought or decisionmaking. It means that she selects the same choices from the same alternatives leading to the same predictable outcomes.
  15. My greatest objection to the suggestion that hookup sex might be habit is that it relieves the actor of responsibility for her choices. “Oh well, it’s a habit for you, you just can’t help it!” She is robbed of her ability to make rational, informed choices. “She just can’t help sleeping with alphas! It’s a habit!” This post implies that a woman might be in the clutches of a bad habit, that’s why she hooks up, and therefore she’s not responsible.
  17. The qualitative analysis looks intriguing. However, given the small number in the sample, it’s only a start to a far more thorough analysis.
  19. 11% liked hook-up culture? Hmmmmm, that must be the one hot guy in the survey who was getting all the sex.
  20. The Private Man´s last [type] ..Big News! I’m Writing A Dating Book
  22. 2Ceer October 7, 2011 at 7:51 pm
  23. I noticed that the participants who rated hookup culture more highly were the ones who didn’t participate.  Was that fear of being judged by the liberals or “grass is greener” fallacy?  or both?
  25. 3Odds October 7, 2011 at 7:55 pm
  26. The apex fallacy and hypergamy easily explain how women can see 10% of men running things and conclude that men in general get whatever they want.  That’ll probably be repeated a few times in the next twenty posts.
  28. It’s impossible to remove this woman’s feminist bias from her research.  It affects everything from how she sorts and presents the data to what conclusions she draws from it.  She certainly didn’t read the numbers and conclude that the heterosexual hookup scene would be improved by more gay pride resources.  She didn’t read the numbers on consensual hookups and conclude that women need more resources for battling sexual assault.  And even if the numbers did somehow show a gender inequality against women, does anyone really believe that she didn’t “know” about that before doing the research?

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