Get a grip on reality

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  15. by Louise C on 2004 Sep 27 - 11:50 | reply to this comment
  16. Our primary assets are mental, not physical
  17. Louise,
  19. I want to understand why people can honestly say the idea of a hierarchy among people does not exist? Firstly lets make one thing very clear, it is NOT totally genetic, so why the objection? This is not a "you vs. them" type of thing.
  21. A man can increase his status in the pecking order by being fit, and demonstrating that life doesn't push him around and that he has some amount of persuasive ability, be it physical or social, over others. I know that is simplistic and perhaps on face value seemingly crooked, but it is true.
  23. A woman can do the see in this new world our primary assets are mental, not physical, although good looks always help of course, and sadly looks are more important for a woman to have than a man (we can debate what does it mean to be "good looking" in another thread). And if you go to a party, a company function, a business meeting with at least a dozen or so people, the dominant ones, both male and female will eventually stand out and it will be almost unanimous among the poeple that they deserve that place...A second strata of people who are sociable and really for the "meat" of the congregation will rise also, and of course a third level comprised of people who may be the sweetest truly good people in the room, will emerge who have almost zero power in persuading the room to anything and swaying the atmosphere of the event.
  25. This topic is not 100% germane to Taken In Hand but it is most definitely a corollary.
  27. Just like when a man living in Hollwood sees a playboy centerfold walk by, even with his wife, he will look, when a women is at a social function and a guy arrives who seems to charm everyone, who everyone, men and women included, seem to want to impress, she will feel a surge of her own for him often. Now certainly not every woman is like this...many women will detest a guy like this simply because of who is, like many misogynistic men will dislike good looking women....
  29. This is no condemnation...In fact this is somthing to rejoice! Women are now able in this time to say what they really want from a man.
  31. So we have 3 basic types of men that men are trying to be, even if failing miserably.
  33. 1. The devoted nice guy
  34. 2. The sexy jerk guy
  35. 3. The strong, sexy, admired, responsible leader guy. (The man's man)
  37. Don't let the alpha, beta. etc throw you off...these archetypes are very real.

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