Funeral directors West bromwich

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  3. We are a well-established firm of all female funeral directors. We have a great long-standing reputation built on trust and recommendations. Our team founded by Andrew Walsh is here to provide families with the support needed to help organise a loved ones funeral, at the same time providing you with the highest standard of care and service to each family that we serve. Along with some of the most dedicated and caring members of staff around, Andrew Walsh feels honoured to be able to offer the community such a highly professional service. Our head office is based at 39 Park Road, Bloxwich. We have a newly refurbished private funeral lounge and chapel of rest. We are pleased to be able to offer you car-parking right outside our front door. However, if you are unable to come to us or would feel more comfortable with us coming to you, we do offer home visits. We have a beautiful Memorial Showroom where you can view many of our memorials that we can offer you. As well as our Bloxwich branch, we do offer all of the same facilities at our West Bromwich Branch. Alongside our traditional black uniforms we also offer families a choice of our ‘Ladies In White‘ funeral attire. This is a very popular choice, especially for funerals that are being held for females or children.
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