The Thought of Dating Again Makes Me Nauseous

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  10. Be Honest
  12. If your S.O. still doesn’t come around despite your efforts, have an honest conversation about how you’re feeling. Let your partner know that it hurts you when they don’t believe in you or what you love. It might come as a shock; they might not have realized how they are making you feel. They may feel that “tough love” is the way to make you fight for what you want and don’t realize how damaging it is for you.
  14. Be Real With Yourself
  16. If you’ve been patient and honest with your S.O. and there’s still no turn-around, it’s time to be real with yourself. Realize that you deserve better than a partner who makes you feel abandoned and discouraged. You don’t have to stay in a relationship. It’s not fun to always have to defend your choices to the one person who is supposed to offer the most support. Gather the courage and strength to end it and move on. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll start believing in yourself again. You will find someone who is supportive of your time and efforts. Don’t waste your time with someone who brings you down.
  18. Occasionally when I look at my smart phone I’m reminded of the real possibility that it may eventually develop a mind of it’s own, and kill the human race. That said, I also have begun to realize how many avenues it’s opened up for flirting. We once had phone sex, and then that brief period of explicit emailing, and later on, there was sexting… But now, now I can send a love interest a string emoticons, and what used to be “I want you” is now pout-y faces, bananas, and fire. And the madness doesn’t even begin to stop there. Get ready to enter the new world of flirting with your boo, the future of “sexting”.

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