I come from a matriarchal family

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  9. So, it's back to my old haunts again, taking in the advice that you guys have given me (and hopefully will continue to give!). Scipio - thank you for the lovely comments, but your second post is a bit of a mystery to me! :) I did theatre at uni, unfortunately, when it's clear that a psyche major would have helped me in my plight. If you could explain your post further, I would be much obliged!
  11. To everyone else, thank you. I have taken some excellent ideas from you all, and your words of encouragement are so wonderful and touching. :) Please don't go away! I promise to keep you all updated in my search for a dominant man... There's a guy at work that I'm a bit sweet on, and intend to ask out for a drink tomorrow, so we'll see where that leads us!
  13. Cheers!
  14. Bel
  16. by Bel of Oz on 2004 Nov 22 - 14:14 | reply to this comment
  17. I come from a matriarchal family
  18. I come from a matriarchal family - and I do not think that was what my mother wanted, but my father never stood up but to whine like a spoilt teen. Consequently, we three daughters have grown up with a backbone of steel, and a forked tongue.
  20. I have found my centre with my husband - I'm glad that he managed to hold out for the ten years it took for me to work out my own life. He is gentle... and very strong. I guess God was sneaky and had me marry my match before I knew how to have relationships with ... well... anyone but me.

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