Dealing With Free Dating Sites

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  13. that another girl we work with one who is a copule years younger and much skinnier and more attractive than me, had the exact same one. He replied, See? It’s a nice one you look better in it though. It surprised me he said that for two reasons. 1. He’s like a politician, it’s unlike him to pick one coworker over the other in any way. He said it in the lunch room w/ ppl around too, and 2. bc of my size-I wear a size 8 and all of the popular, young pretty girls in the office are a size 0-4.On Thursday of this week we got to talking about shows. I was excitd to watch Idol and The Big Bang Theory. He suggested I get into the show Revenge. So Friday, he walked by my desk about 4 times w/out saying anything. My coworker was next to me all day. Then at the end of the day I came out of the bathroom and he happened to be behind me. He said, HEY!’ so i backed up to talk to him a bit. He said, I didn’t see the show, but I taped it.. I just think it’s kind of interesting to go home and think of me enough to set his dvr to record a show I recommended It wouldn’t have occurred to me to watch or tape the show he recommended to me I’m 26 and currently weigh 160 lbs at my highest though my weight fluctuates between 153-160. He’s 30 or 31 and an unfaithful husband. His type is like 22, and the smaller the better . Totally nothing I’d get involved with, but even if he just thinks of me a little I would consider it a great compliment.
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  16. November 28th, 2011
  17. All these comments are pretty negative.I think it’s pretty cool actually. There are hardly any ‘original’ ideas in advertising anyway, and even if the whole flashmob thing has been done before, it’s never been done half as good as this t-mobile ad.This ad made me feel really happy. The bullying and bitterness of some of these comments made me feel sad.It just an ad for christs sake. Get over it.
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  20. November 28th, 2011
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