I could really need some help at this one man!

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  11. PLEASE GUYS GIVE HER SPACE! IT DOES NOT SHOW RESPECT TO HER IF YOU CANNOT RESPECT HER WISHES, GET IT - GOOD THINK ABOUT IT CLOSELY! So the break up was Sept. 28th and it is now Nov. 30th. I spoke her today and apologized for the way I acted and told her I’m happy and thanks for the break up it helped me improve myself. She was very thankful and was nice over the phone and even invited me to her next gig in Hollywood. I plan to go to it, but with a new attitude and outlook on the future and not the past. I don’t plan on bringing anything up and just be cool, calm and collective. We were so perfect for each other and loved each other allot. So I know if I act like I did when we first met everything will be ok. So guys - do not act like a sissy when talking to her on the phone, women need men and not puppies, trust me on this. How do they expect to marry you when act like a puppy in love, they need protectors and a MAN. TRUST ME TRUST ME TRUST ME. My chest is killing me with pain from being away from her, but you cannot show it. God I wish I saw the NC rule earlier on, it wouldn’t have made it any harder than it already is. Good luck MEN?
  13. Jak Says:
  14. December 12th, 2010 at 5:04 am
  15. I am experiencing the same as everyone of you here, I don’t know why suddenly my relationship of 2 years turns out so cold. She avoids me and insisted that she needs space. We “broke up” because I kept on pressurizing her for an answer and a chance. Even though we said break up, I know it’s not over. I contacted her after 1 week, bugging her…she said if I keep on doing it, she will never see me again. That’s yesterday and guess what, she just messaged me if I want dinner tonight. But she said if I wanna answer, then we shouldn’t meet up. Guys, I think we should hang in there. Bugging or begging, whichever will not help. Take care and there are more in this world for us, cherish your life.
  17. BBOY Says:
  18. December 15th, 2010 at 3:17 pm
  19. Well, here I am again, just wanted to give an update to number #38. I went there and played it cool and was about to leave and I told her that I needed to talk to her. She blew up in my face and told me to get in my car and go home. She brought up all kinds of bullshit small things I did. I went home that night relieved that is was over finally, and didnt care. The next morning she called to apologize to me about what she did last night. She said she doesn’t want to lead me on anymore. I told her to get her things from my house because they brought feelings up and I wanted to move on. It’s been a push and pull sort of break up. She wrote me a letter when I ask for my car keys back saying she still loved me and wishes the best for me in my life and wish that what we planned work out. I have never really told her that I wanted to be back with her even though I do because she makes me happy.

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