Handle with care... american single men

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  14. Whenever we blame anything other than ourselves we are giving away our power. If I blame the patriarchy for whatever is wrong in my life then I cannot right the wrong until I fix the patriarchy. I do not have the power to do that. I cannot control how the patriarchy (or anyone else) acts. If I truly believe that something or someone else is responsible for any unhappiness in my life then I cannot get better until that something or someone starts to act in a manner that is more acceptable to me.
  16. How ridiculous!
  18. It seems to me a taken in hand relationship is more about personal responsibility. I am only responsible for knowing how I feel and clearly communicating those feelings, respectfully, to my HOH. He holds himself responsible so I do not find fault with my beloved leader because it accomplishes nothing.
  20. The women Aurora speaks of HAVE given away their power. They just haven't realized it. They are involved in a power exchange without benefits. Women transfer their personal power when they blame their husbands. If I am unhappy and I think it's his fault I cannot be happy until I either fix him or take back my power. Unfortunately if a woman doesn't realize she's given her power away she cannot take it back. Realistically we cannot 'fix' anybody else.
  22. All relationships command some sort of power exchange. A taken in hand relationship, in my opinion, is one in which there has been a clear, concise power exchange with both participants fully aware of what is given up and what is gained. Contemplated this way it appears quite clear to me that Taken In Hand relationships are more honest and much healthier than the 'norm'.
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  25. Togetherness
  26. It is so important for women to understand that “receiving” is an active process.
  28. As Blush so insightfully said:
  30. But I am the only one he focuses on. I am the only one who gets his full attention all day every day. And I also know it's my constant response that feeds his constant watchful eye. [emphasis mine]
  32. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2006 Mar 7 - 18:11 | reply to this comment
  33. The other constant conflict
  34. We might expect some conflict between Taken in Hand wives and "knee jerkers." What's much more interesting to me is the constant conflict I see on the sites devoted to BDSM, Dom/sub, Master/slave, Domestic Discipline and Taken in Hand enthusiasts. It gave me a whole new insight into world problems...namely, that the more people have in common, the more they fight over the few issues where they disagree.
  36. by Jean Gorski on 2006 Mar 9 - 23:33 | reply to this comment
  37. What Changes?
  38. It is sometimes said women want to change their men. You know, "he was perfect" before marrying but once that ring is on some women act like they have a license to decide what is and isn't acceptable behavior with their men. And, after reading Mercuria's post about "Kneejerkers", it is true there are a lot of women who are disrespectful and so selfishly self-focused.

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