I’m A Call You A Big Woman

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  9. Saturday night I rolled out solo…
  11. Hit up a few bars by myself. Got out late though, so wasn’t having much luck even finding groups of girls that other dudes weren’t already in set.
  13. I tried to keep social by chatting up a couple of random dudes.
  15. After a couple of approaches that went nowhere, I was trying to think about what to do next.
  17. I still don’t know this city too well, but on off nights in the city I just moved from I could usually almost always pull a number or two at the last minute. In the street when the bars let out. I’ve even pulled one night stands at such a time.
  19. But the opportunity to do such isn’t really like that here. There’s not much street game to run. Even when shit let’s out, everybody goes straight to their cars or wherever. The street isn’t shut down or barricaded, so the opportunity to run last minute street game just isn’t the same.
  21. Not at this strip of bars anyway…
  23. A thought crossed my mind…. What about downtown? I think they do block off that one street by all the clubs….
  25. All those clubs cost $20 cover, and I prefer barhopping to clubbing. But there’s a potential for street game there when they let out at 2am.
  27. What time is it now? I check my phone…. 1am.
  29. I should probably start making my way to my car.
  31. Before I do that I stop in one more bar to take a piss. When I’m heading out I run into Referee and his boy from last time. What are the odds?
  33. I shake their hands, tell them I’m going downtown, and then I head back to my car and drive downtown.
  35. After a pit stop of looking all over for a gas station, I finally get downtown at like 1:57am.
  37. By the time I park and walk to the strip where the clubs are… They’re already letting out.
  39. Now, I knew there were a t bunch of clubs right here. What I didn’t know, or didn’t realize was that they were all black clubs.
  41. The cop cars on in the middle of the street with their lights on saying something over the loud speaker, “the club is closed. Go home. It’s not worth going to jail over.”
  43. What the fuck?
  45. Whatever. I move through the crowd. Probably the only white dude down here. Definitely the only white dude down here with a blazer and a skull cap on.
  47. I walk past three cute black chicks, and make eye contact with the cutest one.
  49. “Boy, I know you weren’t down here in these ghetto clubs?”
  51. “Why I wasn’t?”
  53. “You were in one of these ghetto clubs”
  55. “Yeah.”. I lied.
  57. And we started chatting as I walked with her and her friends…
  59. After chatting with her for a little bit, the cops were really trying to run people off. Her friends were hurrying like they were scared of dealing with the cops. She was hanging back to talk with me, but I was in no hurry. I was chilling. Fuck the police. They’re just being annoying.
  61. Anyway… “what y’all about to get into?”. I asked.
  63. “Church.”.
  65. “at two in the morning?”
  67. She laughed. Her friends were really trying to leave her. I started to feel the pressure to end the conversation with a phone number. I introduce myself and shake her hand. She says her name is Britney. I ask her for her phone number. I fuck it up like 3 times when trying to put it in my phone….
  69. “no… 2-7, not 3-7… Booooyyy!”
  71. “Giiiiirrrrrlllll! Y’all crazy, I’m a holler at you.”
  73. “alright.”. And she runs to go catch up with her friends…
  75. ……………………..
  77. I text her the next day.
  79. Why?
  81. Cuz I don’t do all of that silly wait 3 to 5 days to text/call a chick anymore…
  83. I prefer the next day. While their still fresh in my memory and I’m still fresh in theirs…
  85. Me, Sun, 2:41pm: So how was the 2am church service?
  87. Her, Sun, 2:47pm: Haha it was Holy! What’s up
  89. Me, Sun, 2:56pm: Just chillin before I hit up these super bowl parties… so is it Brittany or Britney or some other spelling?
  91. Her, Sun, 2:58pm: Lol my name is really Ashley… Me and my friend were just messin with you lol (I didn’t really know how to take this… But damn I know too many Ashleys was my first thought.)
  93. Me, Sun, 3:04pm: Y’all silly, huh? Damn… I know too many Ashleys… I’m a have to give you a nickname..
  95. Me, Sun, 3:16pm: I’m a call you Ghetto Club… (lol. I had no idea how this was going to go over, either she’d think it’s funny or she might get offended and never respond to me again)
  97. Her, Sun, 3:46pm: Haha dayummm na that’s not good… I don’t go to ghetto clubs:). That’s youuu. (well… It seemed to have worked out. At least she got the joke.)
  99. Me, Sun, 4:17pm: Lol….yep. So who u got in the super bowl? U prob a packers fan huh? (just a bullshit cold read to keep the convo going. 50/50 chance of being right… Not that it matters.)
  101. Her, Sun, 4:21pm: Helll na! Steelers baby! Got on that black and yellow already:). And noo I’m not silly… They might be. (I found it amusing that she decided to go back and answer my “y’all silly, huh?” question from messages ago…)
  103. Me, Sun, 4:42pm: Lol… That’s wasup. I’m pretty much for the steelers by default… My mama from up near Pittsburgh..
  105. Her, Sun, 4:45pm: Awww get it mama! Lol
  107. And, I left it at that for now…. I’ll probably hit her up in a couple of days and see where it goes from there….

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