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  11. by Tevemer on 2004 Jun 25 - 14:11 | reply to this comment
  12. Do I want to be Taken In Hand or not?
  13. I simply don't know! As I've said elsewhere, I am alternately fascinated and repelled by the idea. I adore feeling submissive, but with me it is a temporary rather than permanent feeling, it comes and goes. I looked at the list of books on this website and wondered "could any of these dorky self-help books do me any good?" Then I remember the woman who took the advice of the Surrendered Wife and handed over all her money to her husband, only to have him run off with it, and the author of The Rules who said 'a Rules marriage last forever' and who is now divorced, and my Inner Shrew laughs mockingly and says "so much for dumb self-help books!" The only book I have ever read that was at all helpful to me is 'Thy Rod and Staff' by Edward Anthony, which was the first sane and sensible book I'd ever read on the subject of spanking. This book showed me how common my own desires were, and how many other people shared them. I hope you manage to sort things out with your wife, I just don't know if you'll be able to change her. You may have to put up with her they way she is. Or not. Maybe you could find yourself a younger woman, like Malcolm has.
  15. by Louise C on 2004 Jun 25 - 14:35 | reply to this comment
  16. Wired for submisssiveness
  17. I agree that submissiveness is something the some women are wired for. I suspect that it is something that, if it were measurable, would plot on a continuum. I would guess that the majority of women are submissive to some extent, but not as much as I am.

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