Painful or erotic?

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  10. Sure, some of the women I have dated aren't interested in me leading - that's fine and not stopped us being friends but we'd never be anything closer.
  12. Theo: I detect a whiff of bluster when a man treats his dominance as the exercise of simple right.
  14. I rule by acclamation, not decree. That's not bluster, anymore than a man who wants a woman of a certain intelligence level, or matching humour or any other compatibility.
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  17. Sin, Sensuality, Pain and Penance, and Ecstasy
  18. Oh, how fascinating is this thread started by Noone. Such differing views are expressed.
  20. But surely there is a great difference between being spanked and being beaten? They both might be painful but they are very different. Cathryn Hepburn was once asked if she was spanked as a child. She replied, very firmly, “No! I was beaten.” She was clear what the diffence was.
  22. There is a vast difference you know. If I were asked if my husband beats me I would say, “No!” If I were asked if he spanks me, I would say, “Yes.” This does not mean that I want to be spanked, or that I enjoy beiing spanked. He can control me in any way he feels is right, and long as he controls me with love. He can spank me painfully, but I know he is not being brutal. It is not abuse. He is not beating me. The occasional spanking may be very painful and thorough, but it is not a beating, and it is certainly not a thrashing. Not for a second does he stop loving me. I know that even though he sometimes makes my bottom smart considerably.

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