Size-Inclusive Romance: Exploring BBW Dating Websi

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  10. Quoting Anon By Choice in response:
  12. “””This so called Constitutional Republic is no such thing but a Cleptocrat’s-Bazaar of vote selling swindlers and power hungry charlatans, each servicing dependent fiefdoms, constituent liars, parasites, thieves, beggars and more officials after fake jobs for real State fees.”””
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  15. epoche* July 20, 2014 at 16:31
  16. Perhaps they grew up sheltered. Or their parents didn’t raise them correctly. Or they picked up the habit at college. Or they’re using activism to boost social status. Or they’re fully aware and doing it to spite conservatives/white men/daddy. Or they’re just kinda dumb. It doesn’t matter.
  18. You need to wield rhetoric that strikes at the mental root of the problem. It needs to be made clear that compassion is not the most important thing, that tolerance is not always a virtue, and that xenophobia is sometimes justified.
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  20. We need a formal declaration:
  21. We question the motives and goodwill of a regime that bans IQ testing among its largest organizations and merely desire the legal power to establish self-segregating communities against the genocide of those who believe that the doctrine of disparate impact is a legitimate form of retribution for irreconcilable differences historical grievances as though historical grievances have never existed in the history of mankind whereas in reality it is merely the latest form of tall poppy syndrome. We believe that private property, liberty of contract and freedom of association are the means of social cooperation and that the natural two parent family is the ends of social cooperation and have no desire to associate with people who believe otherwise.

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