Long Distance Relationships - Making Love Work

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  15. While I’ve not always held the view of being too materialistic, it’s definitely come into focus more recently to put more focus on the hearth. Life is full of uncertainties, that hot blond bombshell might get sick, due to illness or some unforeseen event, she may not always have that young physique. The insatiable chemistry you have in the beginning of a relationship fades. If we’re making finances, looks or chemistry the most important criteria. What happens when it’s time to talk about serious things like how many kids you want, how you’re going to raise them, where you’ll live etc.Putting your focus on the wrong values is setting your relationship up for failure.
  16. People are inherently complicated, while some of us might be stuck in unhealthy habits, that we will eventually change. People don’t completely change their core values, make slight course corrections maybe. Lol as a female friend of mind told me today, “trying to change someone into the person you want them to be, is a very futile undertaking”
  17. As usual you’ve created yet another insightful post, if you bottle what you have, can I have some
  19. I’m not sure the whole social networking thing has improved my chances of building a meaningful relationship. More specifically, I think what it’s revealing about my character is not improving my chances of building a meaningful relationship.
  21. Take Saturday night for instance. I texted my on-again, off-again boyfriend, Jacob to see if he wanted to get sushi.  The lighting at our favorite sushi place is very flattering and Jacob really likes unagi, so this seemed like a low-key, win-win outing for yours truly.
  23. I quickly tapped out the following text:
  25. Craving tuna tataki. You in?

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