Citites Around The Wolrds For Dating For Expats

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  11. Ed August 16, 2012 at 5:44 pm
  12. Thanks guys, 170 days is incredible. I gather you are having more successful approaches and getting much better feedback as a result.
  14. anon84 August 17, 2012 at 5:31 am
  15. I’m on Day 11 at the moment and currently matching my personal record.
  16. I have found that, giving up porn, no edging etc. has made a massive difference to this cycle of abstinence.
  17. I have flat lined emotionally recently, I got really down, I got agitated and angry in class with my tutor and we sort of had an argument. I took something she said the wrong way and got angry. I later apologised to her and told her why (difficulty in the past) I took what she said the wrong way. In a way, I did hurt her, because I could see it in her eyes.
  18. I’m really hating the emotional flat line side to this, can posters tell me, if this will get better with time? Because I think, in the past, I use to PO and the dopamine release use to mask my emotional baggage and now when certain emotions arise, I have to learn to handle them.
  19. My approach to tackle the flatline (emotional) is to take a breather, step outside the situation and smile/laugh about it, depending on what it is. Sometimes I still think about the situation with my tutor and I’m not happy with the way I acted, and it only makes me more motivated to keep going till how many every days it takes me stop PMO, as long as it helps me tackle this emotional problem.

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