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  1. In the modern age, everyone needs privacy in every way, whether in professional life or personal life. They don’t share anything with anyone else. In the youth generation, privacy is an integral part of life for everyone. Due to privacy priority, the iOS version is best for all phones, but Android is also safe. If we can talk about communication, people always use WhatsApp for transmission on their phones. In WhatsApp, there are many privacy settings like settings in which users can see your profile photo or not, read receipts and when you are online or offline. These privacy options make WhatsApp apps popular among all the apps for sending messages to your relatives and friends. As you all know, when you send any text messages to anyone, then one tick is shown if that person is offline. But if they are online, then a double-tick option is shown. That person sees the message, and then a double tick is converted into a blue tick & it will show the same for your friends/ relatives. But you can hide the blue tick option from your send/receive messages. If you are worried about how to send high MB files through WhatsApp, then you can try ‘GB WHATSAPP PRO’, which has the same features as the original version of WhatsApp.
  3. How to Hide The Blue Tick Option in WhatsApp?
  5. Blue WhatsApp is the best third-party apk, which has the primary purpose of maintaining high privacy for all users who want to hide the blue tick option in their WhatsApp. The original version can’t provide this feature. It will help when you are talking with an unknown person, and you can see all messages with the hide blue tick option. The unknown person can’t imagine that you can see messages that they can send. You can even hide the double tick option, and your friends or relatives will only see a single tick even if you can send messages to them. You can send DP Profiles pics to your friends according to which your friend’s name letter starts. If your friend’s name is Garvit, then you can send G-Name DP Profile Pics to your friend.
  7. Click - https://downloadgbappapk.com/hide-the-blue-tick-option/

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