sexual harassment.

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  10. @Doctor Doom-If some dude grabbed my ass or crotch,in a locker room or in the Sistine Chapel, I’d break my leg off in his asshole. “Ignore it”-huh? Dude, if this is on the level, you need to buy yourself a one way ticket to Manup.
  12.  53 AndrewV November 17, 2011 at 6:20 pm
  13. @Susan,
  15. I have lived in Canada for more than over the last thirty years, and all incidents happened there. As you may have surmised, I have Scots in my family, and there are quite a few men in Canada who wear a kilt, though the frequency of wear will vary from place to place.
  17. Generally, if there is a regiment nearby people are accustomed to it (e.g. Brampton). In Toronto and Vancouver while not uncommon, and wearing one on a day to day basis is rare, being seen in a kilt for the most part will attract little or no attention.
  19. @Jim and others,
  21. I broke my rule on not fooling around at the office once and regretted it afterward when I broke it off.
  23. Now, neither of us were in management at the time, but I got blowback from her friends, one in particular was very hostile, to the point of swearing at me repeatedly. So I tend to go along with the sentiment that it is usually not a good idea. I have seen quite a few over the years and heard of more.
  25. My favourite is the company outing to a golf course which resulted in a married (but not to each other) couple, publicly engage in noisy sexual intercourse near the 6th hole to the edification of numerous spectators. They were both subsequently fired, the very next day apparently.
  27. That was a memorable outing and it was probably just as well that I was unable to attend, as who knows what I might have got up to?
  29. Among other things, those wild men in Accounting and IT took it into their heads to engage in a cross country race with some golf carts resulting in damage to the greens, driving range, sand traps and carts, including  one abandoned in a pond.
  31. There were various other alcohol fueled incidents but those already mentioned were the highlights.

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