Cherishing Craigslist Dating in Our Past and Prese

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  12. However, Pat Allen definitely does say that all forms of giving are male energy. It is only giving BACK that is female energy. Many women out there working, inside or outside the home, are not giving back (ie remaining receiving-focused by giving less than they are being given in the situation), instead they are forced to be the male energy and serve by giving the same or more and betraying their female receiving based core. If a woman desires the work she is doing, then great, that means she is still acting from her female energy and inner comfort cues. But many women (or feminine-energy women if you prefer Allen’s specific views) are truly harmed by the unrealistic expectation that they become should play the male role and serve by doing undesired work and stepping out of their comfort based receptive female core. This comfort base is *truly critical* to remaining in one’s female energy and the reasons are in the article.
  14. I absolutely don’t buy the whole two incomes are mandatory thing at all, nor the woman as household servant expectation. Though thanks to feminism they are dangerously dwindling, there are still plenty of men who make cherishing a *true priority* and therefore are the sole provider. If they don’t earn enough for the basics then they find or create a better position. And if they do earn enough for the basics but would rather be more affluent by having her income too, they instead put their wife’s happiness above getting to show off the wonderful car or perfect house that her second income could provide. Whether you think it is possible or not, I know plenty of people who live comfortably enough on one income, they do not buy into the brainwashing that it is not possible, they make it work. And though this is rarer sadly, there are also those who have woken up enough to not turn their partner into a household servant because of this. Those that want a servant, inside or outside the home, are no longer being the male cherishing energy.

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